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Seems you’ve stumbled across our here VT Hunt, a rogue ramblin’ river of puzzle-packed pleasure with prizes for whoever can navigate it fast enough. It’s somethin’ of an oddity ‘round these parts, but we’re mighty proud of it.

Like last year, this year’s Hunt’ll be wholly online. Whether you’re a VT student, VT alumnus, or wouldn’t know VT from a jackalope doin’ it with a sasquatch, you’re more than welcome to participate. You’ll have from 11:59 PM EST on April 9th to that same time on April 31st, and you can start whenever; we don’t reckon you’ll actually need that long. We just ask you dally a moment and read the info below.

~~VT Hunt Rules and Regulations~~

  1. Keep the hunt secret. Only share puzzles, answers, and relevant information within your own team.
  2. Brute force of any kind is not allowed. In these Virtual Times, that includes trying to break the website. You won’t need to fish around in the website’s innards to find important information. We ask that you be a steward of the Hunt.
  3. Each team member should make an account and create or join a team.
  4. Victors will be required to show that they know every solution.
  5. All hints will be public and given on the VT Hunt facebook and instagram. We suggest you follow one.

Violators will have their secrets made into puzzles.

So long, and see you at the end,

The Septagram Society