Hello, hello. As you know, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, much has changed recently with school. We are happy to announce that the VT Hunt will still be taking place this year, however we will be making a few changes to the Hunt to ensure the health and safety of the hunters. In lieu of a traditional hunt with physical puzzles that require you to explore Blacksburg, we are making the hunt completely virtual for the sake of safety. We appreciate that you were looking forward to running around campus looking for clues, but we want to keep our hunters indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. Thank you for understanding, for you are truly the hand sanitizer in these Viral Times.

With that being said, the Septagram Society is pleased to welcome you to the 200th annual VT Hunt, a knot of puzzles that winds throughout campus. It seems you’ve found the dangling end of the string. The Hunt will start easy, but reaching the prize at its end will take a clever sort of persistence. We hope to see you there.

The Hunt will run until May 1st. You may start and finish at any time between the beginning of the hunt and then.

The rules are below. Once you’ve read them, you may sign up and begin.

~~Here are the VT Hunt Rules and Regulations~~

  1. No solution will require trespassing, destruction of property, or leaving campus unless stated.
  2. Do not move or break anything you find. Brute force of any kind is not allowed. Be a steward of the Hunt.
  3. Keep the hunt secret. Only share puzzles, answers, and relevant information within your own team.
  4. Only make one account per team. Do not make a separate account for solving the online puzzles.
  5. The maximum team size is 10 people. If your team changes size, tell us in an email.
  6. Victors will be required to show that they know every solution.
  7. Respect the history.

Violators will have their secrets made into puzzles.

All hints will be public and given on the VT Hunt facebook and instagram. We suggest you follow one.

By engaging in the VT Hunt, you acknowledge that certain risks are inherent in physical activity and accept full responsibility for your own health and safety during participation. You agree not to defile or destroy any university property, and further, if you violate any laws or university policies in an attempt to solve a puzzle, you accept full responsibility for any repercussions.